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Our top priority is keeping you and your family safe!

Providing you comfort during these uncertain times is a priority. Our services have always been aimed at improving the overall comfort and safety of your home. We have now added protection equipment such as gloves and masks that we wear while providing services. 

When was the last time you had your air ducts cleaned?

Having cold and hot air is a necessity, but breathing clean quality air is vital for our health! The services we offer are aimed at improving the overall indoor air quality and energy efficiency of your home. We are locally owned and operated and service Nibley, UT and surrounding areas.

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Know what you are breathing

Organizations like the Environmental Protection Agency or the World Health Organization have done extensive studies on the air we breath and how it affects our health. With us increasing our time indoors and our homes being built better than ever we are breathing in more harmful contaminants than ever before.

Common pollutants that are found in most air ducts and vents include dust and dirt, fibers, pollen and mold, germs and viruses, dust mites and pest droppings. All of these contaminants can cause breathing difficulties as well as trigger colds, sinuses, allergies, asthma and other illnesses or health conditions. Give us a call today to clean the air inside your home.

Dust Mites cause allergies and asthma!

Common House Dust Mites

microscopic animals found in dust, which produce a common allergen. Dust mites, although much smaller, belong to the same family as spiders and ticks. They live primarily in mattresses and in upholstered furniture. 15,000 mites can be on on speck of dust, an estimated 2 million per bed! The bulk of their food is flakes of human skin. A dust mite lives for only two to four months, but during that time it produces 200 times it own body weight in waste or fecal matter. Over time, the dust mite feces, breaks down into tiny particles, mixes with dust, and then can be inhaled. It’s the waste product or fecal matter of the dust mite that actually cause allergy symptoms, not the mite itself. 

85% of American’s don’t realize the air in their homes may be a health hazard. 


Researchers estimate that 22 million homes (23%) have beds with levels of dust mites believed to be associated with symptomatic asthma.


The dust mite can actually cause asthma to develop in the first place.


House dust mites are now accepted as the single greatest cause of indoor allergies, and they can be found in abundance in most beds.


Each year more than 50 million Americans suffer from allergic diseases, costing the health care systems more than $18 billion, employer's highest rate of absenteeism, and children lost time in school.


Childhood asthma accounted for 10.1 million days missed from school annually.


Avoiding allergen exposure in infancy reduces the development of asthma.

Let’s Improve the Indoor Air Quality inside your home!

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